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Aurthohin Bio

Band members
Sumon - vocals, bass, guitars Rafa - vocals, guitars (Kral) Piklu - guitars Shishir - guitars, keyboards Shuvo - drums


1993: Sumon left Feelings ..... one of the most popular rock bands in Dhaka. He decided to work on a solo album. The plan was to do something totally different. He wanted the songs to sound as if they were done in a band environment. (A band-like solo album!). He started his first song with Faisal & Russell (King Me). Rumie also played the drums.

1994: Sharing inputs of musicians and friends from more than eight most popular bands in town 'Sumon O' Aurthohin' was completed in Auvisruti Studio. The most interesting part of the album was the song with eight of the most dangerous heavy metal guitarists in town! There were twenty eight solos in that song, and the name of the song was 'Aurthohin'. The history was made!

1997: Though work on the album was done long time ago, it was finally released in Eid of this year. People liked the album which also got positive review from the critics .

1998: Sumon was planning to form a band, Titi & Sentu of 'Faith' came along to help him to form the band. With some other musicians Sumon started performing under the name "Sumon O' Aurthohin", same as the album. The band was born.

First line-up:


Titi (Faith):

Sentu (Faith):




Vocal, Bass and Guitar






1999: Titi & Sentu had to leave the band in October as they had to make time for their own band Faith. Rumie the jubilant drummer left his band 'The Trap' & joined in the band. Sumon changed the name of the band to 'Aurthohin'. Zubair & Adnan left the band few months later. Until now, the band's sound was more unplugged. To bring more variety to the sound, Shovon came in as a guitarist & vocalist.

2000: Meantime, After playing for a year in 'Maqsood O Dhaka', Piklu left the band & also joined Aurthohin in early this year. Aurthohin started the recording of their debut album in April. Shovon took a break from the band for educational purposes. Tonmoy also left the band. Ponir, who used to be the guitarist of 'The Gnomes' of Niloy Das, joined Aurthohin. Ponir left the band. Rassel, the vocalist/guitarist of 'Winning' joined the band.

2001: Rumie & Rassel left the band. Shuvo.... the ex-drummer of Jolly Roger/ Phycho Death/Death Row joined the band on the 12th November 2001. Aurthohin started the work of their 2nd album onthe 17th of November & released it on the 10th of December 2001 under the label of G-Series. Apu, the keyboardist of 'Triloy', started playing with the band as a guest member.

2002: Imtiaz of 'Kronic' joined the band as a guest vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist. Aurthohin has released their 3rd album "Notun Diner Michhile" from G-Series on the 29th November which includes a 28 minute long progressive metal song (the longest song of Bangladeshi band music history).

2003: Imtiaz & Apu left the band. Aurthohin decided not to take anymore guest members. Shishir of dNA joined the band as the new keyboardist & guitarist. Suddenly, the band faced the biggest problem ever. Sumon got sick. Doctor told him that he won't be able to sing like before. Sumon had to stop singing most of the metal songs. Aurthohin decided to take a new vocalist. Rafa (the drummer of Kral) joined the band as the vocalist & guitarist. Aurthohin's 4th album 'Dhrubok' got released.

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