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Augury Bio

Band members
Muhannad ``Phex`` Bursheh : Bass, backing vocals Tareq Fayyad : Vocals Omar Nooreddin : Guitars Saeed Abu-Jaber : Guitars Basil Bursheh : Keyboards


Augury was formed in September 2000 under the name "Sphinx" by Phex (Bass), Saeed Abu-Jaber (Guitar), Omar Nooreddin (Guitar), Tareq Fayyad (Vocals) and Omar Ebdah (Drums). In the early days, like other local bands, Augury only played cover songs from many different styles. In October 2002, the drummer left the band due to a simple misunderstanding. At that time the band was in the phase of forming their style. For that reason the band changed their name into something that fits the style more, and the name was "Morgoth". In that period the band began working for real and started composing original material. In early 2003, Basil Bursheh (Phex's cousin) joined the band on Keyboards. Later that year the name had to be changed again, because the releasing of the band's first release was coming near and the name "Morgoth" was already taken by a German cult band, so the new chosen name was "Augury". In early 2004, Augury released their first demo "Temptation of Oath" and gained a good reputation in the local and Arabian metal scene due to the quality of the material on. More to come when more happens.

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