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Ajdath Bio

Band members
Omar Al kilani 9 - Guitars, vocals, programming Arek - Bass Kuba - Drums


Formed in jordan in 1995 playing some death and thrash metal music untill the drummer and guitarist left the band for personal matters and then it started again as one man band project music and lyrics made by OMAR KILANI vocals and all guitars .new stuff will come to blast soon so beware of ear bleeding.
Full length album of nine tracks contains tracks from the late 1996 'till 1999 . in about one month it should be ready a new level of blasting death/thrash metal will blow up your brain.

AJDATH as a name was taken from fushha or the ancient or classical Arabic. It was mentioned in Quraan as the graves where the dead shall resurrect from. Originally called 'Diabolical Perfection'. Ahmed and other members of Ajdath left due to school and family-pressures. Omar Al kilani has moved to Poland because he was unhappy about the level of musicianship in his native country, and because he and other metal-musicians were being persecuted in his native country. He has currently gathered a band in Poland, with which he recorded the MCD-demo Reign Of Serpents.

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