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Stale Corpse
Band members
Nan ``Mummify`` Zhang - Guitars, Vocals Xin Zhang - Drums Chao Han - Guitars Yang Song - Bass


1998.7.1 Guitar Nan "Mummify" Zhang and Drums Xin Zhang form the Stale Corpse in Beijing . The chief member include Nan "Mummify" Zhang, Lead and Rhythm Guitar; Tianchi Wang, Bass ; Xin Zhang, Drums and Yu Sun, Vocal.

1998.8 Vocal Yu Sun broke off relations with the Stale Corpse. Mummify Zhang replaced Yu Sun.

1998.9 Three songs , which were ¡°Following Blood¡± , ¡°Poem Of Death¡± and ¡°Dismember¡± , were recorded at Centre Music Studio.

1998.12 Stale Corpse gave the first performance at the "Brothers" Bar . At that time, their music style was Power Metal. The band got six songs which were created by themselves.

1999,1 Stale Corpse recruited Rhythm Guitar ,but none of the candidates met the requirement.

1999,3 Stale Corpse gave performance at the "BaBiLong" Bar . The performance were violent and ferocious. The skill of the band tended to be mature and the mutual understanding among the members were better than before. The music style became pure Death /Grindcore. From then , every performance of the band attracted lots of Corpsehead .

1999,5 On the recommendation of Zhiyong Guo from the Battle Axe , Guitar, Chao Han joined the band. The timbre became thicker , heavier and more vigorous. The harmony became more monstrous.

1999,7 Stale Corpse gave performance at SanLiTun Bar Street in Beijing, and attract lots of foreign audiences. Some American audiences think high of the band¡¯s music. The purity of the metal band astonished all the foreign audiences and won widespread acclaim.

1999,9 Stale Corpse recorded the proof of the Sound from the second layer of the earth, which were put on sale on the net .

1999,10 On the invitation of the local bands , Vocal Nan "Mummify" Zhang went to XuZhou and NanJing in JiangSu province and exchange experience.

1999,Christmas Stale Corpse were invited to performance at the Rock and Roll Night of The New Millennium. It's performance was outstanding among the 20 bands attended the activity.

2000,1 Bass Tianchi Wang gave performance at ¡°HaoYun¡± Bar and cut ties with the Stale Corpse.

2000,2 Bass Yang Song joined the Stale Corpse and the music style of the band tended to be Brutal Death /Grindcore. Stale Corpse became stable.

2000,3 Stale Corpse attended the Beijing Underground Band Show at the ¡°Sound Stage¡± Bar. The performance was fiery and fanatical. Channel V interview wed the Band and comment it as the underground among the underground band and the voice from the animal.

2000,4 Stale Corpse recorded ¡° Inscription¡± at the Cold Lake Music Studio and it was issued with ¡° I Love Rock & Roll ¡± volume 4.

2000 SUMMER More than one show every weeks around Beijing show bar.

2000,7 Stale Corpse recorded the album ¡°Sound Of Prison ¡±. Vocal, Nan" Mummify" Zhang is the producer of the album.

2000,7,22 Stale Corpse went to ShanXi province and gave performance at The ZhongTiaoShan stadium .

2000.8 Stale Corpse's offical website£¨£© is proclamat to everyone.

2000,9 The general manager of ¡°Morbid Record¡±, which is a Germany Death Metal company, was inclined to issue ¡°Sound Of Prison¡± abroad.

2000.9.10 CCTV Channel 8 selected ¡°Massacre Yard¡± to server as background music.

2000.9 Get show in ceremony of Painkiller Magazine first release,PM give band a good appraise.

2000,10 Stale Corpse recorded EP album ¡°Affection of XuanYuan¡±. Vocal, Nan "Mummify" Zhang is the producer.

2000.10.15 Stale Corpse signed in Chang An Xin Ai Yue music development Co. And take publicize show for their first release - "Sound Of Prison"

2000.11 "Sound of Prison" first release in China.

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