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Gargantua Soul Bio

Gargantua Soul
Band members
Kris Keyes - vocals
Lou Jacque - bass
Marc Amendola - guitar
Opus - drums
Tommy Heltzel - keyboards and percussion
Jason Bozzi - guitar


Comprised of six eclectic personalities, this acts' sound derives itself from six individual influences . Up front, Kris Keyes (formerly of Blind Justice) leads the way with his harsh hip-hop and somber melodies . Marc Amendola and Jason Bozzi build with searing chords and tear down with concrete riffs . Pounding out the groove is the rhythm section of Lou Jacque on bass, and Opus on beats . Rounding out the package is Tommy Heltzel who layers keyboards and tight percussion . So put your clothes back on, roll your tongue back into your mouth, and check out what's being offered to you .

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