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Band members
Premik Jolly : Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Keyboards Siddharth Naidu : Bass Guitar and Vocals Satish Raj : Drums,backing vocals


The name Threinody is derived from a Greek word meaning a song of grief or a dirge. Threinody arose out of humble beginnings to their current status in Indian metaldom. Having weathered numerous personnel changes, Threinody consists of
Siddharth J. Naidu : Bass Guitar & Vocals
Premik Jolly : Lead & Rhythm guitar and Keyboards
Satish Raj : Drums and Backing Vocals

Influenced by Slayer, old Metallica, Kreator, Black Sabbath, Rush, etc., the band put out a style bordering on fast, aggressive thrash metal. Mood swings and tempo changes abound in Threinody's music. Feel and melody are a vital part of Threinody's music, as are tight grooves and sleek song structures. The lyrics deal with a variety of subjects, addressing issues of war, censorship, solitude, rejection, and even reincarnation. Threinody do not harp on grief as their moniker suggests, but believe that grief is a valid process in life, with a positive outcome.

Threinody have proved their mettle on the semi-professional scene, having placed second (as well as claiming best drummer) at IIT Delhi's Blitzkrieg 2001 competition. Threinody earned top honours at National Law School's Strawberry Fields competition 2000, over nearly 40 bands at this National level competition. They also won the second place at Strawberry Fields '99.

The band is focused on creating original music, and currently have 15 songs. The official Threinody site, will be online soon. The band plan on recording a 3-song E.P. titled `Trimetallicthreinonide' within the first quarter of 2003. The band has quite some live experience, having played in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Mysore and Shimoga. They hope to play at Calcutta, Cochin, Hyderabad and Manipal, after recording their debut.

Threinody have never been afraid to go beyond the many thrash / metal -isms that exist today. Unlike the blatant approach of most thrash and metal bands, this band believes in being subtle and heavy at the same time. They believe in creating music which is truly their own, while never losing sight of their roots, which are buried deep in metal. Threinody try to steer away from what's 'hip' or 'in' at the moment and follow their own direction. The band does not subscribe to any cliched heavy metal image, the music itself being the most important. Threinody tries to reach people through their music, introducing them to a new experience through sound.

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