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Shrapnel Bio

Band members
Deepak - Lead Guitars and Vocals Akash - Drums Varun - Rhythm Guitars Sudeep - Bass


The members of Shrapnel go back to mid-1999 when the four of them met in pre-university college. Deepak and Akash had known each other for much longer. It was 2 years of lots of fun. Towards the end of 2000, Deepak had started to get more serious about his guitar playing. He played with a few bands that never got anywhere but gave him a lot of experience with respect to functioning of bands, and finally teamed up with Akash in the beginning of 2001 to realize the vision of Shrapnel. Meanwhile, the friendship among the 4 grew and they got to know each other better and better. It was probably the sudden burst of heavy metal in Bangalore that motivated Deepak and Akash to form a band. Bands like Threinody and Kryptos were huge inspirations, notably the Encomium concert at Ravindra Kalakshetra featuring Kryptos, Cryptic and Threinody.Also when international bands like The Scorpions and Deep Purple came to Bangalore, it only cemented the decision to form a band. The first lineup of Shrapnel didn't last very long, 4 shows to be precise. Deepak and Akash had MUCH more in mind. And then, the questions were asked and decisions made.

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