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Reptilian Death Bio

Reptilian Death
Band members
The Demonstealer - drums/vocals Nitin - Vocal Girish - Guitars Sunny - Guitars Husain - Bass

Brutal/Technical Death Metal

Reptilian Death came into existence in May 2001 as a solo project of the Demonstealer (Of Demonic Resurrection fame.) The project was meant to be a grindcore/death metal project. At the end of May 2001 Reptilian Death released its 1st recording which was a collection of 5 songs called 5 Easy Ways To Murder Someone with each song representing a different method of murder. The songs were mainly death metal-ish musically but contained the unusual element of humor which gave the whole concept a sort of spoof feel. After this release the project took a back seat until November 2001 which was when Reptilian Death turned from a solo project into a full fledged band after Husain joined as the bassist and Jaivir joined as guitarist and The Demonstealer took over drums and vocal duties. The band prepared itself with 2 new songs No Way To Die and The Second Coming Of Evil and travelled to Bangalore City to play its 1st live show at The National Law Schools event "Strawberry Fields". Sadly the show never happened and Reptilian Death ended up doing an acoustic death metal set at Planet M due to distortion not being allowed. The band returned to Bombay and did their 1st proper gig at Razzberry Rhino. The bands high energy act and intensity got them a good response from people. The next stop was IIT-Bombay where the band put up another good performance. From there the band recruited Girish to add a 2nd guitarist to the band after which they played serveral shows including RAIT-Horizons, Razz Rhino and Raag Divine where they bagged the best drummer and bassist prizes. After RAIT 2003 the band more or less stopped playing live as the band members were busy with other commitments.In July 2003 The Demonstealer decided to continue the project solo once again and followed up the earlier 5 Easy Ways To Murder Someone with another concept song called Nursery Rhymes For Satan's Children as well as recorded the bands 5 originally composed songs and releasing it as an album in August. Things of course didnt go as planned and the album got postponed and is all set to be released in November 2003. The album also features guest vocals by Aditya (Exhumation) on the track Bathed In Blood. The album was recorded at Demonic Studios and the artwork has been done by Mephisto (Demonic Resurrection). The Demonstealer then bought the band back together for IIT's Livewire show with Sunny (Epitaph) replacing Jaivir on guitars and Nitin (Morticide) to handle the main vocal duties.

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