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Calvin Korpse
Band members
Gopi - Guitars and Drums Harsha - Vocals


We met up in design college in Domlur in 2001. And after 3 years of exchanging cds,making fun of the college fashion department,watching b-horror movies we came up with the concept of cK.
Not that it matters but we believe we are Indias first band to play a combination of death,grindcore,and punk.We know there were death metal bands and grindcore bands in india around by the time cK came.Of course,its a matter of opinion...and if you think we are boasting ,you are a poser and a model with spiked hair working for prasad bidappa.SO FUCK OFF!!!
In 2003, we recorded an album entitled "the calvin korpse project".It has 6 songs on it.We gave away about 7 copies-5 in bangalore,2 in madras(so that makes us really fucking underground eh?)
In the 3 years of cKs existence,we have never played live and probably never will,cos before the crowd boos us away,we just might scare the crowd away because of our sheer evilosity.Mu-hahaha. They wont like us,and we wont like them,so its cool.
Ok,so you wont see us at any "college rock competition" cos we are out of college(and out of jobs too)...but you can do yourself a favor and download the 2 mp3s we have put up, now grinding in the hard drives(or the recycle bins) of more than a dozen PCs the world over.If you like it, and want a copy.We'll give you one for christmas if you have been a good boy.

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