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Acrid Semblance Bio

Acrid Semblance
Band members
Anubhav - Keyboards, Vocals Kshitish - Guitars Vikas - Guitars Chiranjeev - Bass Ashim - Drums


It all started in December 2001 when guitarist Kshitish and keyboardist Anubhav (Misanthrope) met drummer Ashim...and the idea of forming a band immediately struck them. However, the idea had to be dropped temporarily because of Ashim's exams, although Kshitish and Anubhav went on to form Attrocity. Guitarist Arjun and vocalist Denny (both from Beyond the Barriers) joined the band. The band name was changed, and the five-piece Desecrator was formed. However, due to some problems, both Arjun and Denny left the band, leaving only the founder members in the band. In April 2002, guitarist Vikas (Misanthrope) stepped in and joined Desecrator. The playing style now changed from death/melodic death to more powerful riffs and more melodic harmonies. In July 2002, Vikas's friend Chiranjeev joined the band as bassist. The line-up was now complete and the band decided to change its name again as Desecrator certainly didnt fit their playing style and hence, ACRID SEMBLANCE was born.

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