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Raspatul Bio

Band members
Ayim - Vocals Fadzlly - Drums Calvin - Guitars Hisham 'Black' - Bass


The Birth of Raspatul was in the year 1996, with four young lads namely Ayim, Hisham 'Black', Ermie and Fadzlly. Back then, the name RASPATUL hadn't been thought of yet, so they just jammed as a band without any name. These four young lads started out jamming cover songs from Green Day and Nirvana as in that point of time, they were not proficiently skilled as musicians and they were just jamming out their favourite covers. Jamming together as a band was nothing more than just a hobby. As time went by, everyone in RASPATUL started improving in their own instruments, and so they decided to compose some originals. So things started to get a bit more serious and they would jam on a regular basis.
It happened that Leonard Soosay, who at that time, was a recording engineer at MYX Studios, saw the progress of the band, and decided that they should have a band name. Hearing similiarities in Sepultura as well as Pantera, Leonard gave them a band name call RASPATUL, and they have been using the band name ever since. Since then, the band's influences have widen a lot and RASPATUL's influences are mainly Death Thrash with the likes of old Sepultura, At The Gates, Kreator, Carcass, Arch Enemy, Dissection, Sil-Khannaz, Morbid Angel, The Crown, Terror Squad, Dimension Zero, etc. Things started to go smoothly for RASPATUL and their first appearance was at a pub call Anywhere Pub and only friends who knew them went down to support them as well as a few guys from the underground Metal scene. RASPATUL's first public performance was at Youth Park and the gig was called 'The 7 Freeman Gig' organised by a few bands together. The response from the crowd was great and it's still one of RASPATUL's most memorable and best gig to date.
RASPATUL began to catch the attention of the underground Metal scene very fast and they were being invited to play at several Metalfests. The most anticipated gig for RASPATUL was at another Metalfest held at Coastal Sands, and for this gig, RASPATUL got to play alongside Malaysian Thrash band Sil-Khannaz, which was one of RASPATUL's biggest influences. But due to Sil-Khannaz's problem with their passports, they pulled out from the gig during the last minute. Disappointing as it was for RASPATUL, they still played a tight and heavy set for the gig.
In year 2001, RASPATUL decided that it was about time that they started to record some of the songs that they have been jamming and performing live. So they decided to try out one song for recording. RASPATUL decided to record at TNT Studio, and they recorded their first song 'Breaking' which would later be featured in a local compilation called 'Children Of The Damned', which also feature bands like Dethmute, Steel Glory, Bunuh, Deviant, Vrykolakas, Zeotz, etc. The band's first recording also featured their good friend Calvin, ex-guitarist of Deviant, as an additional guitar player for RASPATUL. The response for 'Breaking' was great and they decided to record yet another song. But due to some technical problems during recording, RASPATUL decided to record everything again. It was at that time the guitarist Ermie decided to leave the band due to some family commitments. It turned out to be devastating for the band as they were in the process of recording their first EP. So naturally Calvin took over the guitar duties and they still continued with their recording.

During the process of recording, RASPATUL played at another Metalfest, which was called Neo-Diabolica II and RASPATUL played alongside Pyron from Ipoh, Damokis from Johor, Sihir, etc. It also happened that Dark-E from Sil-Khannaz was present at the gig and he was impressed with RASPATUL, and therefore he asked RASPATUL if the band was interested to be featured in their compilation call 'Storm Of Nebiula 2002'. Of course, the band could not refuse such a good offer and it was just the right timing as RASPATUL was also in the process of recording. And so 2 songs, 'Menghitung Ajal' and 'A.O.D' appeared in Nebiula Production's latest compilation 'Storm Of Nebiula 2002'. The compilation featured Malaysian bands like Vociferation Eternity, Pyron, Mantak, As-Sahar, Mesmerized and Damien. Certainly a big acheivement for RASPATUL!!
RASPATUL continued to play more gigs during the next year, in which they appeared in 2 gigs. The first gig in 2002 was called 'Mindtrip' and the gig was held in a small studio called Forward Studio (R.I.P). The gig turned out to be RASPATUL's most awesome and violent gig of all. The vibe was great between the band and the crowd. The next gig was held at Changi Simei Community Centre called 'The Tyrant's Attack' which featured bands like Sihir, Septicaemia, Cardiac Necropsy, Sakaratul Maut, etc. RASPATUL has released their 5 song mini-CD entitled 'Menghitung Ajal'. With the release of this debut EP, the band hopes to gain more recognition and make a mark in the underground scene.

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