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KiyamaT Bio

Band members
Ian KiyamaT - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars


Ian, Din, Shuk and Mil set up this band in early 2001. The band was initially known as "Sons Of Satan". Shortly after Zaf temporarily joined as vocals, the band became "Inside The Antrophoid". However, musical differences between Zaf and the band caused another line-up change. Soon after, "KiyamaT" was born and embarked its journey to hell with Zad joining them a few months after Zaf left for futher studies in the United States.

From abandoned Singapore graves, KiyamaT rose as a Metal band. KiyamaT are mostly influenced by bands like Venom, Bathory, Sarcofago, Iron Maiden, Darkthrone, Black Sabbath and the others...

In early 2003, Shukor, Din and Mil had decided to quit the band to become mortals. And Zad went back to the graves joining other damned souls. Even though burnt to earth, the remaining spirit of Ian came back with a new line-up... Himself and the Others...

KiyamaT plays Metal... Metal full of darkness, brutality, tortured and pure evilness. Only those who dared to enter Kiyamat's Pit of Hell became Knights and spread the Master's commands to all the unholy lands...

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