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Iron Fist
Band members
Rape 'The Mad' Alhazred - Vocals Abangthoth - Guitars Warluck Dil - Bass Deb Nigguwrath - Drums


Originally, the band was formed back in early 1998 at the age of 16-17. Under the moniker MIRAGE, the band delved and experimented influences of old GODS by the likes of LED ZEPPELIN, KINGDOM COME, SABBAT (UK), ANGELWITCH, old JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and formed a Stoner Classic Heavy Metal act. Consisting of five members, they recorded a 4-tracked unreleased rehearsal demo entitled INVASION HALLUCINATION.
Due to internal problems, time commitment and musical differences, the band was unable to continue further with the lineup and thus disbanded in middle 2001, leaving behimd three members who later formed IRONFIST.

The trio recruited drummer RaZul and session bassist Is, hailing from the local heavy rock act VENOM CRUISE. Ironfist then seeked more experiences through conquering joint project performances with local comrades WRATHCHYLDE.

With the line-up seemingly finalized, Ironfist recorded a 4-tracked demo entitled DRAGONLORE released as a 100 copies only. Just after the demo release, RaZul called it quits due to unstated reasons and Is retreated back to VENOM CRUISE. The band was in bad fucking condition and was desperately seeking for a replacement. At the same time, the band's musical direction started to twist,incorporating influences of MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, SABBAT (Japan), METALUCIFER, DESASTER (Germany), VENOM, old BATHORY, W.A.S.P, MOTORHEAD, IMPIETY (SkullFucking era), IMPALED NAZARENE etc. To find someonewho believed in theband itself was hard, what more to find one that shares the same material and concept interest.

The call was answered when Deb Nigguwrath entered and the line up was reshuffled. Once again Ironfist stood up to ravage Singahell. Amidst onstage battles Ironfist released the SERPENT GODDESS SEXXXEKUTION Promo 2003. A 1 tracked single which was a sequel to another upcoming opus. SEX-METAL was given birth from the wombs of the four -
- Rape Alhazred - Kruel Kommands
- Abgthoth - HarpXXXekution
- Warlock Dil - Basstiality
- Deb NigguWrath - Flagellation

On the 13th February 2003 (Friday the 13th), Ironfist releasedthe infamous TYRANNIKAL ADVERSARIES EP. Hand numbered and released as 50 copies only. Live devastations raged on and at the same time Ironfist was offered to split released with Mexxxican Black Death Ritualists MORBOSIDAD entitled SEXXUAL BLASPHEMOUS KRUCIFIXXXION. Released by the French label, Banged or Be Banged Productions at a limited 300 hand numbered copies.

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