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Enorhted Bio

Band members
Joseph Lim - Keyboards James Bay - Bass Justin - Guitars Saravanan - Drums


Enorhted was formed in mid 1997 under the name "Iak Sakkakh" in Singapore. The original line up consisted of James & Steven on guitars, Victor on vocals, Leon on bass and Razali on drums. Under this line up, Iak Sakkakh got to the quarterfinals of the Hotline Battle of the Bands in December 1997.

However, soon after, Victor started to drift apart from the band due to his enlistment into mandatory military service. Iak Sakkakh was later renamed to Havohej Enorhted.

In July 1998, Havohej Enorhted performed at Blowout '98 with James taking over vocal duties. Mike of Ilemauzar was suppose to stand in as a session vocalist but plans were changed due to conflicts in schedules. Keyboardist, Irwan, was also recruited into the band.

After Blowout '98, Steven silently departed from the band after long running commitment problems and Cedric (Lee) took over guitar duties. Although having never performed in a serious band prior to joining, Cedric was known within the Singaporean extreme metal community as one of the better rhythm players in the local extreme metal scene. This addition was a major boost to the band's entourage.

With James on guitars and vocals, Cedric on guitars, Leon on bass and Razali on drums, Havohej Enorhted recorded a self produced 40min promo CD in Dec '98. However, due to major dissatisfaction of the recording, only 20 copies of the promo were sent out regionally. Despite the bad production and many recording flaws, the general response from the promo was pretty good.

Promo Recording

Sonic Wave International, then offered Havohej Enorhted to release a full-length album release. However, Havohej Enorhted encountered line up problems. Having already claimed one of H.E's members, Cedric too left the band after enlistment into mandatory military service. Razali also had to be replaced.

Shiva of Rudra (known for their self-titled release under Candlelight Productions Singapore) joined Havohej Enorhted as its new drummer. Havohej Enorhted then went about recording their debut release.

Havohej Enorhted was officially renamed to "Enorhted" as of September 2000. As the musical & lyrical concept of the band evolved over the years, it was decided that a change in name would be best to distant the band from the genre that the band used to reside in...

Along with the change came new members, Anwar, from melodic deathmetal band Fenrir, and Mike, from blackmetal band Ilemauzar, take over rhythm guitar & vocal duties respectively. However, shortly after, Anwar had to leave the band when his responsibilities with the military proved too much for him to spare any significant amount of time for the band.

A classically trained pianist, Joseph, was introduced to the band. Chemistry was pretty good and he was the new man. Sadly, during the crucial recording period, Mike proved to be a bad choice, both musically and socially, and had to be dismissed from the band. Kathi of the vedic deathmetal band Rudra agreed to help out doing guest vocals for 2 songs on the album.

Shiva left the band in early 2002 citing personal reasons for his departure. Justin Herson (formerly known as Anwar) returns as Enorhted's guitar player. Thomas of Sol Fusion and Brandon Khoo of Aphelion joins in late 2004.

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