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Dethmute Bio

Band members
Faizal - Vocals Suhaimi - Guitars Eddie - Bass Usop - Drums


The band formed in early 92 under a different name and it was called 'Bloodbath' the original members were Suhaimi on guitars, Jali on bass, Usop on drums and Wayne on vocals. All of us were from the same tertiary institute. Started playing covers of Sepultura, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death, Cannibal Corpse, you know those old skool death metal stuffs. Our first gig was at the STI or now the demolished ITE Macpherson which was on early 93 but with a different vocalist a chinese guy named Tom who was also from the same institute. The band went for a 2 and half year hiatus as all of us had to serve our national service. At that time the band went thru a lot of vocalist changes.Then in early 96 the band got a new vocalist called Joe and they performed a gig at Johor along with other black/deathmetal bands such as Imperial, Castigate. In mid 96 the band debut as 'Dethmute' when they entered a band competition organised by Fire Disco. Unfortunately in early 97, Joe was ousted due to some personal conflicts of interest with the band. It was quite a pity that he had to go because he had a killer vox. Throughout all this time, 3/4 of the band members which is Usop, Jali & Suhaimi had sustained the changes and obstacles and still remain as the core of the band. Dethmute went on to look for a new vocalist as to continue their crusade in metal music. And after seaching highand low, they actually didn't have to look very far as they found Faizal who was from a band called 'Drill' and he actually happened to the cousin of Usop! And thanks to AlLmighty Allah the bandsustained and remains the same line up until then. Faizal was great as he could play the guitars as well. Our first gig with him was at Jurong East NYP on July 97. we played along with Manifest and other local bands. In late 97, Dethmute got an invitation to play in another gig at Lasalle institute but the band was unable to play due to time constrain and because of more priority were given to big name bands to play first. In Feb 98, the band got a recommendation by our great good pal Burhan of Manifest and the honour to do a recording and compilation 'Myx Metal Assault' that gave the band local recognition along with other great local metal bands, Tri-Ryche, Zeotz, Noize-Unit, X-Concept & ofcourse Manifest! The CD was released in Oct 98 and thanks to the local fans, the response was tremendously fantastic. The 6 band including Dethmute when on to perform a gig in conjunction with that 'Myx Metal Assault' CD at WTC amphitheatre on Nov 98. Faizal took the decision not to carry out duties as a rhythm guitar cum vocalist but just as a vocalist as to concentrate more on the vocalisation until this day onwards. Nov 98, Dethmute did another recording which is an absolute honour to do a tribute of a legendary malay heavy metal band, 'Rusty Blade'. 'Tribute to Rusty Blade Makin Berat' CD which features 10 bands 5 from Singapore & 5 from Malaysia. The CD is still in the market that is if you can find it. In 1999, they did a couple of gigs. One significant performance was in april 99 when they performed live in radio station RCS Ria 89.7fm 'Gegaran 99'. A live band performance conducted live and weekly on local malay radio channel hosted by Chakal. And in June 99, Dethmute had another gig at Fire Disco and not as a contestant this time but performing with other local metal heavy weights such as Tri-Ryche, Global-Chaos, Ossuary and the headliners of that gig, a Malaysian metal band called KoffinKanser. The last gig they did was again at WTC amphitheatre but this time as the headliners which was on Feb 2000. Crisis befelt as Jali, one of our long time co-founder and member had to leave the band due to some unavoidable conflicting crisis internally. The tragedy had a devastating impact to the relation with him. However the band continue to fight the metal crusade by recruiting Eddy, a younger brother of Suhaimi for the bass role. Jali has then join the great Singapore pioneer metal band,Ossuary. As expected, Dethmute perservered and played in numerous gig and now plan to stay in the scene hopefully for a very long time.

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