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Chaos Aftermath
Band members
Seelan Fleshrot - drums Dani Danial - vocals Wade - guitars, bass, programming


It was near the end of the year 2000, while working on Dystopian, a progressive black metal band, with Seelan, Wade decided to experiment with something in a rather different direction, incorporating styles of thrash and death metal into melodic riffs, with sounds inspired by a variety of metal bands such as Soilwork, The Haunted, At the Gates, Dismember, Arch Enemy, Carcass and Inflames. After writing a few songs, he called up Seelan one day to ask if he would be interested in playing drums for his new project, where all lyrics were to be written about futuristic stuffs: i.e. cyborgs, space wars, cities, technologies, virtual reality, alien races/worlds...ect. And from then on, Chaos Aftermath became their main band, while Dystopian was set aside as a side project.

Together, Wade and Seelan further developed the concept of Chaos Aftermath as they then started working on the lyrics to bring all these to life.

Wade initially suggested Cyborgnetic/Cyber-Metal to label the type of music Chaos Aftermath plays. But later changed it to Futuristic/Cosmic Metal, or just Futuristic Metal for simplicity.

Dani later soon joined Chaos Aftermath when his unique vocal abilities were discovered, and the band jammed as a three piece for awhile. More lyrics of the later songs would also be assigned to Dani.

And later the band decided that Chaos is to have a full line up and so we invited Devan to play the solos for us and Vinod to help out with the bass. But Devan soon left the band due to his busy schedules with his own band, Narashima, leaving Vinod to take over with the solos. And with some guidance from Wade, Vinod was also able to master the thrash rhythm techniques that were widely used in Chaos fast. And so Vinod was encouraged to compose some songs for the band based on the current style and concept of the band.

Soon, Khairi, the lead guitarist of a power metal band (Anno Domini), joined the band as a bassist, and the line-up was completed once again.

But not long after the band has completed their recording of their first track demo, titled "Slave to the System", Khairi left as he isn't able to find time for the band after being enlisted in national service. Vinod was also asked to leave not long after, as his style of music generally isn't able to "click" with the band's concept.

And so, Chaos Aftermath's line-up is now back to 3 members once again.

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