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Lehavoth Bio

Band members
Gal Cohen - guitar Molech - vocals Nir Doliner - drums Evil Haim - bass Asaf Einav - guitar

Brutal Death Metal

It all started back in 1995, as one of the first Israeli black metal bands. The band released a demo "Brith Ha Orvim" but 3 years of military service stopped the band's activities.
Year 2000 and the band is back in business. This time with a more brutal direction and besides guitar player Gal Cohen and vocalist Molech, a new line-up, including Nir Doliner on the drums, Evil Haim on the bass and a 2nd guitar player, Asaf Einav. The band records a new 5-song demo entitled "Iconoclastic" recorded on 8 track in the band's garage. After that recording Asaf is out of the band and a new guitar player joins to complete the line up for good, Nir Gutrayman (a.k.a AchShelo).

February 2002, the band takes off to Sweden to record its debut album "Hatred Shaped Man". The album contains 10 grinding & blasting tracks and was recorded at Soundlab Studios with producer mieszko talarczyk of NASUM/GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS.

Back to Israel, the band searches for a label to put out the record. During that search LEHAVOTH were approached by Dutch label Fadeless Records and signed a deal that should bring the bands debut, "Hatred Shaped Man" is available now.

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