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Fairyland Bio

Band members
Philippe Giordana - Keyboards Anthony Parker - Guitars Max Leclerqc - Vocals Piwee - Drums Thomas Cesario - Bass

symphonic metal
swedish metal
speed metal

The French band FAIRYLAND, previously FANTASIA and FANTASY, was created in 1998 by keyboardist Philippe Giordana together with bassist/drummer Willdric Lievin. The two musicians shared the same passion for epic and symphonic Heavy Metal.

Following the release of their first demo, Tribute To Universe, their basic metal style began evolving into something more fantastic and symphonic, to which their second demo, Realm Of Wonders, attests.

Through various metal contacts the band enlisted guitarist Anthony Parker (Heavenly) and soon gave up looking for a label to enter Wizard Studio in Feb. 2002.

During the recordings of their debut, the band began looking for a powerful vocalist, which they found in Elisa C. Martin, known from the successful Spanish Power Metal band DARK MOOR.

With their first full-length complete, FAIRYLAND signed on with Denmark-based Intromental Management, and shortly thereafter secured a recording contract with the French label N.T.S. (now Replica Records).

Of Wars In Oshyria was released worldwide in April 2003, enjoying massive promotion from both their record label and management. The great response from both media and fans enabled the band to tour with Sonata Arctica in France, as well as to perform in the renowned Sweden Rock Festival in 2003.

FAIRYLAND returned in 2006 under the Austrian label NAPALM RECORDS. The latest concept album, The Fall Of An Empire, will be released worldwide on 24 Nov. NAPALM RECORDS also plans the re-release Of Wars In Osyrhia on 24 Nov.

Composed in its entirety by Philippe Giordana and Anthony Parker, the new recording boasts of a new line-up comprised of vocalist Max Leclerqc (formerly of Magic Kingdom), drummer Pierre-Emmanuel "Piwee" Desfray and bassist Thomas "Tom" Cesario.

The Fall of an Empire improves on the band's unique mix of Symphonic and Speed Metal, showcasing a collection of tracks that are epic, arresting, and quite discerning. Swift as arrows, guitar riffs duel with virtuoso keyboards, while monumental string arrangements and heroic choirs add the powerful yet melodic finishing touch.

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