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Malefic (Scott Conner) - all instruments and vocals

black metal

Xasthur began in December of 1995, formed by the only real and remaining member Malefic. All that remains from the past are a few rehearsal tapes from 1997 which were awful in quality. All "members" were kicked out, and none have gone on to do anything but drugs, watch television, and eat food.

In 1999, after many struggles with more false members, Xasthur had come to be a two-person entity which included Mike (Ritual) performing drums and vocals, and Malefic performing guitar, bass, and disharmonic dark hymns. A split MCD was more professionally recorded with Orosius. Due to lack of funding and the short running time of the recording (20 minutes), it was deemed not worthy of distributing.Soon after the recording Mike had lost interest in Xasthur and quit.

At that point in time Xasthur had materialised into a one man entity. Malefic had finished work on the first full length CD to be released on an unnamed label, but had folded before it could materialise. Soon after though, " A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors " was released through Makahru under it's sub-label Profane Productions (limited to 150 copies) on September 11th, 2001.

Reviews of "A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors" proved to be positive, comparing Xasthur to old Graveland and Burzum. Malefic believes this to be true, as without Graveland's "Thousand Swords", he would not have been so strongly motivated to create such a depressive sound.

Summer/Fall 2002 on Blood Fire Death, Xasthur released "Nocturnal Poisoning", 8 songs (70 minutes) of misanthropic black metal terror bloodstained in misery! Expect better production than Xasthur's first offering. Also Malefic released a split CD with Acid Enema (Self released).

Xasthur will be releasing a 12" mLP on Bestial Onslaught Rec. entitled "Suicide In Dark Serenity 5 songs /28 min. in Nov/Dec.

Xasthur will not quit until the END!!! Xasthur does NOT play "war" metal or "black / death" metal, nor viking or retro trash!!! Just terrifying misanthropic BLACK METAL!!! If the USBM "scene" wants nothing to do with Malefic or Xasthur for this, then FUCK OFF to all of you!!!

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