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Band members
Ikaro Stafford - vocals Ramon Ortiz - guitar Pepe Clarke - drums Oscar Santiago - percussion


By the arrival of the new millennium, after two major label releases and numerous nationwide and South American tours (including Ozzfest 99) with former band Puya, Ramon Ortiz was feeling the need to give life to a new, heavier and more brutal incarnation of his musical soul.
Driven by a burning desire to take his trademark Latin metalcore sound to a new level, the Puerto Rican guitar player put past achievements aside and set out on a journey to find the right pieces to complete the puzzle.

Ankla, meaning anchor in Spanish, was officially formed in 2001 and consists of Ikaro Stafford on vocals, Ramón Ortíz on guitar, José Clark on drums, Edgar González on bass and Oscar Santiago on percussion. Ankla represents a new musical vision deeply anchored in Ortiz's lifelong passion for extreme forms of metal music.

While borrowing traditional elements from thrash, death and hardcore metal, the band still explores and incorporates some of the Latin claves and syncopations that Ramon has been known for without ever stepping out of the metallic sound of the power groove that is intended to push boundaries and is the evolution of modern metal.

2004 saw Ankla sharing stages with bands like Brujeria, Body Count, Six Feet Under and Hatebreed among others, proving to audiences in the west coast and in Puerto Rico the power of Ankla's crushing live show.

In 2006, Ankla found a new home with one of the most explosive new rock labels, Bieler Bros. Records, home of artists such as Nonpoint, SikTh, Skindred and more.

"Ankla crush the most amazing, head snapping rhythms and spine breaking grooves. They mix all the elements of Latin metal but in a way that is not contrived or forced. To me, this is what Latin metal should be. Ramon is a brilliant musician and with this band around him, each one a star in their own right, there should be no limitations to what this band can achieve over the coming years!" said Bieler Bros. CEO Jason Bieler.

The band worked relentlessly with producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Iommi, Halford, Evanescence) to create one of the most impressive hybrid metal releases in recent memory, "Steep Trails". The devastatingly heavy album was released on July 25th, 2006.

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