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Chrome Division
Band members
Shagrath - Guitars Eddie Guz - Vocals Tony White - Drums Luna - Bass guitar Ricky Doom - Guitars

hard rock

When your soul resides in the devil's left hand, you're destined for a life in rock 'n' roll.

Back in 1999 while Norway's Dimmu Borgir were in pre-production for the album Spiritual Black Dimensions, Shagrath and Nagash (then a member of the band) got together for a jam session after rehearsals to let out another type of creative steam. With Shagrath on guitar and Nagash (now aka Lex Icon) on drums, miles of ideas and riffs were recorded on tape, but the project had to be put on ice due to the priorities to their main bands - namely, Dimmu Borgir and The Kovenant.

Years later, the guys met up again and in the summer of 2004, Shagrath called long-time friend and bass player Björn Luna (Ashes To Ashes), invited him to come over, drink some beer, and jam to some bad-ass rock 'n' roll. Suddenly, a trio took shape and CHROME DIVISION was born. But who in the hell was going to meet their demands for an in-your-face vocalist? Luna contacted Eddie Guz (The Carburetors), and just like a pair of snake eyes in a winner-take-all back-alley gambling ring, he fit like a red-stained leather glove. All that was left was to add some extra spice; thus, lead guitarist Ricky Black was dragged in a day after starting a local bar fight.

Armed with a self-governing bandito-inspired attitude, these doomsday rockers spewed forth some dirty, stripped down, quality rock 'n' roll. Lex soon had to bow out but was quickly replaced by drummer Tony White (Minas Tirith), and the smell of burning rubber soon erupted from CHROME DIVISION's rehearsal space. The results would make fans of Motörhead and Black Label Society proud.

Co-produced by Björn Bergersen, Norway's newest gang entered Panzer Studio in Oslo to lay down ball-breaking songs such as "Serial Killers," "When The Shit Hits The Fan," and the anthemic "Chrome Division."

Since biker metal is born from the roots of everything that's truly rock 'n' roll, it should come as no surprise that the proud mantra for these leather-clad motorcycling warlords is "Booze, Broads, and Beelzebub." Doubt it? Be sure to check out the video for "Serial Killers," shot by Patrick Ullaeus (DIMMU BORGIR, In Flames) in Gothenburg, Sweden that boasts an appearance by none other than DIMMU's Silenoz.

Being born under a bad sign doesn't mean you're doomed to a life of being misunderstood. Booze it up, play this loud, invite your friends over, and raise hell!

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