heavy metal

Flynet Bio

Band members
James Monas - vocals
Dan Saunders - guitar
Jason Luscher - bass
Brian Miller - drums

hard rock

Flynet was started in September of 1997 by guitarist/songwriter Dan Saunders and drummer Brian Miller. Dan had just finished a year at Berklee College of Music, while Brian had recently parted ways with local hardcore band, Gapeseed. They both wanted something more intense and challenging musically.The two started practicing songs Dan had written and soon recruited frontman, Adam Fithian, from another local band, Subspecies. Adam fit into the mix well with his ferocious screams and full range of singing. His flavor for hip-hop added a new element to the group's already unique sound. The group continued on with several bass players until finally securing the position with long time friend, Jason Luscher, during the summer of 1999.Now with a tighter more polished sound, the quartet have been entertaining a loyal fan base with their energetic live shows. Self described as "progressive metal-core," Flynet's music is a blend of intricate riffs, strong rhythms, and heavy grooves. Their songs shift from crushing down-tuned chugs to beautiful melodic passages. The passionate vocal style of Fithian, armed with his introspective lyrics, steer the ship.With influences that range from Dream Theater to Rage Against the Machine, Pink Floyd to Pantera, and Santana to Sepultura, Flynet's music encompasses metal, funk, hardcore, hip-hop, and progressive rock. They stand tall above the clones and competition of their genre.

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