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Deadstar Assembly
Band members
Dearborn : Vocals The Dro : Bass Cygnus : Percussion Dreggs : Guitar Skuz : Synth


Deadstar Assembly, are sunny South Florida's dark side. The troupe of musical avant-gardes and sonic masterminds deliver a sinister sound so intense and fierce that it burns. Like demented seraphim, DSA's poisonous blend of death-pop industrial rock is setting the world ablaze with no apologies. Formed in 2001 by singer, Dearborn, DSA was a meticulous formation that was birthed before any additional members even joined the band. Dearborn had a vision of a packaged hard rock industrial outfit that would be coupled with a famed trance progressive producer (Luis Duran), visual experimentation and raw, pure aggression. Naturally, it fit the joining members like a straightjacket. The result was their self-titled debut, Deadstar Assembly, which would go on to sell over 10,000 units independently and gain the band the respect and loyalty of South Florida's underground music scene. With such menacing hits as "Normal," "Breathe for Me" and the completely innovative cover of "Send Me an Angel," DSA were on the rise from the very incision of their first live show.

Now, with national touring under their studded belts, and signing to Berlin' s The A Label and PURE Records in the US, DSA have reemerged with their highly anticipated sophomore release, Unsaved. The album was written, recorded, and sweated over as an entirely collaborative band effort. The album of chaotic synths and havoc-reeking melodies features all live instrumentation with additional electronic percussion and digital effects weaved amongst it. Produced by DSA themselves and Jeremy Staska (Poison the Well, New Found Glory, Remembering Never), Unsaved is a drastically personal album; ensuing the perfect combination of therapeutic lyricism, razorblade vocals striving to end cultural assimilation and surgically crafted melodies performed to bleed rather than stitch. It's a middle finger to the mundane and a red light to ignite your inner deviance.

The album features 15 soul scorching tracks that inject chaos straight into the vein. Infectiously catchy songs such as the intoxicating "Dejected" and the haunting ballad, "And Ashes Will Fall," paint the vivid landscape of lost youth and suppressed angst, while commanding tracks such as "Dejected" and "Pale Blue" feature attention-demanding guitars, swirling synths and authoritative vocals that are determined to raise a de-generation of jaded and misguided to their spike-heeled feet.

With their legion of dedicated fans behind them, Deadstar Assembly is ready to leave their underground dwellings to spread their musical delirium to the masses. Those not yet infected soon will be, as Unsaved is the album that will push Deadstar Assembly to the forefront of the anti-mainstream.

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