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Recently completing a UK tour with veterans Will Haven and labelmatesCrowbar, England's The Seventh Cross are a frenetic blend of hardcore and death metal that is sure to fine a solid stateside following. Formed in 2004 by exiting members of European favorites Murder One & The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg, the Worchester-based five-piece quickly recorded Scorched by the Flames of Vengeance. Initially released on small Welch hardcore label Staunch Records, Candlelight signed the band in late 2005 putting the band back in the studio to re-work the record for a worldwide release.

In little time The Seventh Cross have developed a noted work ethic. The band have already performed with the likes of Converge, Napalm Death, The Red Chord, 100 Demons, Bleeding Through, Undying, Walls of Jericho, Himsa and 3 Inches of Blood. Not a bad start!

The Seventh Cross will enter the studio later this summer to begin work on their second album expected for release early 2007.

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