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Burn In Silence
Band members
Mike Casavant - guitar Darren Cesca - drums Alan Glassman - guitar Max Lavelle - bass Chris Harrell - vocals Ben Schulkin - keys/electronics,

black metal

BURN IN SILENCE is coming for you. This metal wrecking machine will not be stopped until they have laid every genre trend to waste. Their Prosthetic Records debut Angel Maker signals the beginning of a musical apocalypse. This is not metalcore, emo, or nu-metal. But rather, it is something dangerous, infectious, and undeniable. Upon pressing play, you'll plunge into an entrancing whirlwind of devastation. Thrash guitars and grooving riffs flank a percussive double bass salvo that explodes upon impact. Melodic choruses soar to heights of macabre beauty, while violent screams descend downward like a guillotine. Keyboards bleed texture all over the destruction, painting a backdrop that covers every inch of Hell. Cuts like "Lines from an Epitaph" and "Embrace the Plague" bludgeon with a pure inner rage that some artists spend a lifetime attempting to harness. On these tracks, polyrhythmic riff work shifts into technical guitars as melody from the keyboards and choruses engulf the entire sound. These six men from Massachusetts plan on driving listeners straight to the center of darkness and back.
Burn In Silence has already decimated stages all over the Northeast alongside everyone from Damageplan to Shadows Fall, to Morbid Angel. Having cultivated a live show to be reckoned with, the band stands ready to pummel audiences all over the world. Their Ken Susi produced EP Pure As Your First Day paved the way for their first full length. Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Himsa) mixed the metallic mastery. Tapping into the elements of great metal, the band has already become a cohesive and driven unit. With a mix of incredible production, musical talent, tireless work ethic, and a thirst to be distinct, these artists are destined to become integral to the future of the entire genre.

Mike Casavant (guitar) describes the Burn In Silence sound best: "As a guitarist, I try to write structured music in an unstructured way. There's reason to the madness and it's heavy for the right reasons. Going from a blast beat into a huge, open chorus just hits you. The heavy parts become harder while the melody sounds more epic. I just want to write really great songs as a whole, not just interesting parts. There's also no limit to what we're going to do." Rejecting genre trends, the band embraces everything from power grooves to pummeling double bass to engaging dynamics. However, all of these elements work in conjunction, rising together with a combination of brutality and splendor. Mike continues, "I like to compare it to Pandora's Box, where every emotion and every feeling that you can imagine is displayed in what we do." Over the course of the entire record, a journey will be taken and it won't soon be forgotten.

The definition of Angel Maker encapsulates this sound fittingly. Mike divulges, "The title is a play on words about a guy who is killing people, but at the same time he's making angels." That duality remains paramount to this band and separates them from an overcrowded scene, yearning for something new. When Angel Maker descends upon us the spring, either you can run or join Burn In Silence as they conquer.

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