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Anata Bio

Band members
Conny Pettersson - Drums Andreas Allenmark - Guitar/Vocals Fredrik Schalin - Guitar/Vocals Henrik Drake - Bass

Technical Death Metal

In April 2001 drummer Robert Petersson decided to leave Anata. He was simply tired of being in the band and left in order to pursue other interests. At the time, the remaining members of Anata were in a brutal straight-forward death metal side project called RotInjected (with Björn Johansson and Conny Pettersson of melodic deathsters Eternal Lies). As they were very satified with the skilful and precise drumming in RotInjected, Conny was the natural choice for a replacer. The new line-up immediately started to write and rehearse songs for another full-length album.

However, despite of the success of "Dreams of Death and Dismay", Anata weren't feeling very comfortable with their record label. One of the reasons for this was the fact that the success with "Dreams of Death and Dismay" was mainly in terms of fine reviews. Sadly, the album was very hard to find in stores, and this finally brought a label change to mind. Fortunately, staff at Earache already had the band's albums in their possession. In 2002 Anata signed a multi-album worldwide deal with Earache, after half a year of negotiations.

As the band were very satisfied with the sound on their previous albums, Anata decided to once again enter Studiomega. But as the studio was being moved to a new location and being rebuilt from scratch, the wait for recording time in the studio became longer than expected. In early February the recording session began. The drum tracks were recorded in less than ten hours and things were looking just fine - but little did the band know! As the members had decided to attend to their daytime jobs and studies, most of the recording was to take place during late evenings and nights. It was a very cruel winter, and it didn't take long for the members to catch bad colds. This along with the facts that guitarist Andreas suffered from an injury to his arm and that some equipment broke down, turned the recording session into a living hell. As guitarist/vocalist Fredrik put it: "When listening to the album, remember what we went through during the recording! It's a miracle that the album came out the way it did".

And it seems like the late nights of hard work finally is about to pay off. Months before the release, the album had received dozens of top-notch reviews from all over the world, including magazines such as Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, RockSound and Rock Hard. The band is giving interviews on a daily basis and Earache are scheduling tours to get the band on the road. And as it seems, this is just the beginning...

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