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Bryan - vocals Carl - Wee Daloos Brad - Hairs Mark - Wah Chop Jesse - Vitamins

hard rock

Throughout the history of music, it is an undeniable fact that those who wish to be at the forefront of popular demand must possess talent. Many an artist has been able to demonstrate this 'talent'; however, few have possessed the determination and passion needed to make their talent relevant and respected by the entire world. With artists spending lifetimes in development of this relentless passion, one must understand how Clifton, a explosive quintet out of Salt Lake City, came to develop it in merely 2 years.

Ranging from a sea of talent, Clifton was constructed in mid-2003 by Bryan Edwards (vocals) and Mark Wursten (guitars). With Bryan and Mark at the hull, Carl Ball (guitars), Jesse Kilgrow (drums), and Brad Wood (bass) would soon come to help navigate Clifton's voyage. After three short months of writing music together, the five cranked out a demo full of raw energy and emotion, with influences ranging from Arch Enemy to Metallica. Within just a few shows, the band had sold flush out demos.

The group is not one to let their music grow stagnant, so the determined, evolving band was forced to leave the demo behind. Taking note of this productivity and talent, in April of 2004, Outline Records CEO jumped at the first opportunity to sign the young powerhouse. Backed by a label, the band continued to develop it's sound, as well as it's fan base.

Within a year of their formation, 'Clifton' had become synonymous with brutal, passionate metal throughout all of Utah. In efforts to show what was brewing back-stage, Clifton entered the studio for 3 hours in May of 2004, and recorded a song entitled "Table Full Of Giggles". The song was released that summer with artists such as Misery Signals, Day Two, and Twelve Tribes. "Table Full Of Giggles", a brutal mix of in your face melodic metal likened to At The Gates and Darkest Hour, and back breaking *riffs* laid the foundation for Clifton's musical direction.

Upon that foundation, Clifton pieced together it's own overtly successful tour in the winter of 2004, a tour which covered the majority of the western United States. Shortly after, in the spring of 2005, Clifton's hard work coupled with their talent landed them on a run with Vehmence of Metal Blade Records (with Clifton's Bryan Edwards filling in on vocals) and Thine Eyes Bleed of The End Records. After coming home, Clifton entered the studio to track their long awaited full length.
Recorded and mixed by Matt Winegar (Zwan, Primus, Faith No More), and mastered by Alan Douches, the 10 song record is Clifton's most punishing work to date. Full of relentless melody and endless shredding, the record will undoubtedly become a favorite of every metal sect.

Although signed, Clifton has done and conducted it's business almost entirely on its own. It's touring, fan base, writing, and everything in between has been done on the clocks of it's members, a feat few bands young nor old can claim. Their hard work, talent, and sheer determination have landed them in a position that most groups merely dream about. Looking to release their freshly recorded album on a label that will be able to support their ever-growing popularity, Clifton sits poised and ready to assault the world of heavy music, and to do so without looking back.

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