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Beyond Agony
Band members
Andy Nixon Matt Tetrick Matt Wambsganss Shane Ailey Tom Beenken


Since the dawn of time, never has a force embarked with such ambition to single-handedly destroy hypocrisy, tyranny, and injustice, while fighting to preserve those things we take with us to the other side: humanity, truth, individuality. The quest to achieve this goal has solidified Beyond Agony's state of metal supremacy, a title well earned with music as aggressive as their message.

Beyond Agony's "The Last of a Dying Breed" release is an in your face, aggressive, element that exposes the impurities that exist on a personal and worldwide level. "Impaired" condemns hypocrisy on the personal level using the example of parents stereotyping children while praising their own. On the worldwide level, "Tragedy in the Making" depicts the hunger for bigger and better without analyzing the result of cause and effect.

Prepare to see light shed on truth and sugar-coatings removed. The spark has been ignited to regain strength, to take back power of the individual, and to restore freedom of choice to anyone overlooked or taken down by whatever force deems itself superior. To live life to its full potential you must open your eyes and ears. For he who bears the shield of Beyond Agony, bears strength beyond comprehension.

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