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She Said Destroy Bio

She Said Destroy
Band members
Anders – Guitar/Vocals Snorre - Guitar/Vocals Eystein – Bass Torris– Drums

death metal
black metal

She Said Destroy from Oslo, Norway is a tight, brutal and menacing metal machinery. From their inception in 2000 they have
worked to create blasting audio terror with neck breaking tempo changes, haunting thrash grooves and grinding riffs that rush
forth chaotically, injected with bloodcurdling vocal attacks.

Drawing influences from noise rock, thrash, death metal and black metal alike, this unit has through both live performances and
recorded material started to pry the eyes and ears of the metal community open, setting the record straight on what extreme metal
anno 2005 really should sound like.

She Said Destroy have never been afraid of trampling down traditional values within the scene on their path to create the best tunes -
as in the creational process of any true artist, the sky is the limit. All hail the new breed.

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