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Atakhama Bio

Band members
Jimmy Salmi - Vocals Simo Rahikainen - Guitar J-V Hintikka - Guitar Matti Honkonen - Bass Timo Häkkinen - Drums


Atakhama was founded in April 2004. All four founding members (Rahikainen, Honkonen, Häkkinen, Hintikka) played for years in Funeris Nocturnum, but felt that the band had done all it could, and decided to lay it to rest. They started working on a new band and the line-up was compeleted in August with the addition of Salmi on vocals. In September/October 2004 the band recorded their debut album with Sami Kokko. Atakhama delivers a brutal, aggressive, dynamic and fast straight-forward blasting dose of extreme metal.

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