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Neurosis Inc. Bio

Neurosis Inc.
Band members
Diego Melo - Vocals Jorge Mackenzie - Guitars Gary Otero - Guitars Cesar Franco - Bass Juan David Vélez - Drums Douglas Nova - Keyboards


Neurosis Inc., metal band from Colombia - (South America) was formed in the middle of 1987. At
first they began playing songs of bands such as Slayer, Destruction, Kreator, Venom and Exodus.
The very first concerts were carried out in Bogota starting from January 1988. Then the band began
to compose their own songs that later on were recorded (May of 1991) in their first and only demo
entitled "Mas Alla de la Demencia" ("Beyond Dementia"). This demo contains 10 songs in Spanish
and 1.000 copies were sold of its original version. This demo was re-released in December of 1997
with an improved artwork but conserving the original front cover. During these very first few years the
band only played in the capital.
In 1993 Jorge Mackenzie assumes the leadership of the band and also changes from playing the
bass guitar to the guitar. There is a change in the line-up and with this new line-up the band begins
to compose new songs with the purpose of recording a CD. In September of 1994 Neurosis Inc.
enters one of the best recording studios in the country called "Audiovison". Eleven new songs are
recorded (5 in English and 6 in Spanish) and the CD is entitled "Verdun 1916", which later was
released by an independent Colombian label called "Talisman Music". Two thousand copies were
sold and this album definitely opened space for the band and got the band to be known all around
the country. Concerts were held in the most important cities of Colombia such as Medellin, Cali,
Bucaramanga, Tunja, Pereira, etc. and a professional video clip on the song "Verdun 1916" was
recorded for Latin MTV and rotated during several weeks in "Headbangers Ball". All this happened
at the end of 1995 and beginnings of 1996. By March of this same year Neurosis Inc. carried their
first international show in Quito (Ecuador) sharing stage with Mexican death metal band Cenotaph
for 800 brutal fans.
On its return to Colombia Neurosis Inc. enters once more the "Audiovison" studios to record their
second album entitled "Karma". This CD was mixed in the United States and released in October of
1996. It was distributed in Spain by Repulse Records, in Japan by Soundholic Co., Argentina by
Furias, Belgium and Holland by Painkiller Records as well as in other countries such as Ecuador,
Peru and Bolivia. At the present time this album is sold out as the 1.000 copies pressed were sold.
During this time the Neurosis of the United States contacts the band to inform them of their
existence and the problems that could arise due to this fact. The Colombian Neurosis decides to
add the particle INC. to their original name to differ a little and to try and avoid confusions.
In 1998 Neurosis Inc. planned to record a live CD which was finally recorded on December 5th,
1998 in Bogota with a complete new line-up. Songs of the whole discography of the band were
recorded and also 2 tributes : "Black Magic" of Slayer and "Ace of Spades" of Motorhead. During this
year the band also played in Medellin and Bogota with the band Criminal from Chile and visited
new cities such as Ibague and Villavicencio.
The band also appeared in a CD compilation of the Canadian label "Impaler Records" with the song
"The White Man" taken from the "Karma" album. One thousand copies were distributed worldwide
for specialized media in countries such as Italy, Germany, Russia, the United States, Canada,
Sweden and Colombia among others.
In June of 1999 the third CD of the band entitled "Odas en Concierto" ("Odes Live") is released
including 13 live tracks and 4 new studio bonus tracks. Now their South American Tour begins
"Disturbing the Continent 1999" which crossed 4 cities in Colombia, 2 in Ecuador, 3 in Peru, 2 in
Bolivia, 1 in Chile and 1 in Argentina, something never done by a metal band before. This tour lasted
almost 2 months and generated the best comments on behalf of the assisting public and the
specialized media.
In July of 2000 the band entered the studios to record 3 new songs and Black Sabbath's "Children
of the Grave". Keyboards were included and also a new vocalist, Harold Escobar. The recording was
a complete success turning out to be the best recording ever done by the band. All the songs were
recorded in English and finally released in May 2001 by Neuro Music.
In July 2002 "The Box Records", an independent Colombian label realeases the CD-ROM "15 Years
at War", which includes 14 remastered tracks and 2 videos. This is a special CD edition to
conmemorate the 15 years of the band.
Right after this the band played in different cities in Colombia : Cali, Tulua, Cucuta, Bucaramanga,
Manizales and Bogota. In May 2003 the second edition of "15 Years at War" is re-released by
"Eternal Night Records" and the band continues playing around the country (Ibague - audience
5,000) finishing in Bogota at an Open Air Festival which lasts for 3 days called "Rock al Parque", the
biggest open-air rock Festival in South America. After a series of bands, Neurosis Inc., headlining
the "Metal Day" plays just before Monstrosity (USA) in front of 80,000 people - Neurosis Inc.'s
presentation was transmitted live on TV.
In November 2003 the band enters the studio to record a new CD entitled "Subversivos Espirituales"
("Spiritual Subversives"), in this recording Hamilton Castro recorded the drums and Jorge
Mackenzie all guitars, bass and keyboards. A new singer is included in the band, Diego Melo and
it's him who records the vocals for this CD. Now with Diego and other new members, the band
plays a few shows in Bogota and other cities.
At this moment the new CD is planned to be released in March of 2005, it is yet not known which
label in Colombia will release this new record. "Spiritual Subversives" features 11 tracks - 8 new
songs, from these 7 are in Spanish and 1 is in English - one Venom cover "Countess Bathory" with
Jorge's arrangements and the remaining 2 tracks are songs previously recorded in other albums, in
1995 and 1996, but re-arranged and re-recorded - now sounding faster and more powerful.
With the objective of promoting the new record Neurosis Inc. has also just finished making a new
video from the song "Se Tu Mismo" ("Be Yourself") which will be included in the new CD entitled. In
April 2005 Neurosis Inc. signed to metal Colombian label "Hateworks" and with this, "Spiritual
Subversives" will now be distributed in 22 countries in South & North America, Europe and Japan.
Once the new record is released in July 2005, it will give way to a series of shows all around
Colombia and perhaps Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
With "Spiritual Subversives" Neurosis Inc.'s , main priority will be international promotion and
coverage, the band is now a legend in it's country.
Hopefully the quality of this new record will take the band to the real level where it really belongs to.
On July 29th the new album is released and the band has now started a series of shows in Medellín
and Bogotá and has been nominated to an important music award in the country in the metal
category along with Masacre and 3 other metal bands.

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