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Annihilator Bio

Band members
Dave Padden - vocals Jeff Waters - guitars Curran Murphy - guitars Russell Bergquist - bass Mike Mangini - drums


Annihilator are one of the few bands today still playing no-frills thrash metal. Of their several studio albums, the only one significantly different than the others is the slightly commercial Set The World On Fire. Elsewhere, it's heads-down thrash, highlighted by leader Jeff Waters' excellent guitar work. Lineup changes have been frequent in the Annihilator camp, with some mid-career albums being little more than Waters solo works, though the last few years have seen fewer changes. Though many point back to the first two albums (in particular the excellent Alice In Hell debut) as the band's best work, there's really no dud in the bunch, with the newer meterial such as Carnival Diablos retaining the classic Annihilator quality and style. Annihilator remains one of the better classic thrash bands around.

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