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Beowulf Bio

Band members
Dale Henderson - Vocals and Guitars Rich Rowan - Drums Kevin Sullivan - Bass, Vocals Gimmi -Guitars, Vocals

punk metal
speed metal

Beowulf emerged from the infamous eighties crossover scene of Venice Beach, California with an alcohol-fueled Motorhead style that became very popular with the skateboarding set.

The band released their self-titled debut on Suicidal Records in 1986. The album's no holds barred, reckless sound instantly clicked with fans, garnering the band media acclaim for their role in the crossover wave infusing punk rock with heavy metal that followed.

Following suit with "Lost My Head" in 1999 this time released via Caroline Records, the band gained an even higher profile, while delivering one of the crossover classics of all time.

The band would release two more records, "Un-sentimental" and "2 Cents" before becoming largely inactive for a period of years.

2006 sees the reissue of the group's hard to find, first two albums as a 2 disc set via I Scream Records.

-Erin Fox

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