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After forming in the summer of 1998, If Hope Dies quickly came into their own as young dedicated musicians. Hailing from Auburn, New York (also hometown to Heavy Metal Gods Manowar) If Hope Dies showed upstate New York that you can mix metal with hardcore.

In the years since their formation, IHD has progressed into a leader in the genre of metal based hardcore. A 2002 release on Diehard Records entitled "Siege Equipment for Spiritual Decline" has sold over 1200 copies to date with only regional touring. The release solidified the band as a metalcore force to be dealt with.

IHD also takes pride in the energetic and heartfelt approach to their live performance. Fans of metal and hardcore will know these guys love what they do when they see them on stage bringing the rock. If Hope Dies has brought their music and show to the big stage numerous times as they have performed with bands such as In Flames, Lamb Of God, Soilwork and many more. They also earned their way onto Syracuse NY's Hellfest 2001, 2002 and 2003 with some of the industries finest.

"The Ground is Rushing Up Top Meet Us" is the best and latest release for If Hope Dies and will blow away any fan of traditional He

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