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Pale Divine
Band members
Greg Diener - Guitar/Vocals Jim Corl - Bass Darin McCloskey - Drums

hard rock

Glen Mills, PA - While I don't believe the area has ever been known to be a breeding ground for all things heavy in the underground music scene, that really doesn't mean a thing to Greg, Darin and Jim, collectively known as PALE DIVINE. What matters is making honest and true original heavy music to expand the mind and soul without forgetting the past, something that becomes obvious while listening to their full-length debut, Thunder Perfect Mind.

Combining equal parts Heavy Metal, 70's Psych, and traditional Doom with a penchant for some extremely mind-numbing jamming, this three-piece promise to take you places you've never been without letting you forget how you got there. PALE DIVINE is sure to please fans of early JUDAS PRIEST, TROUBLE and PENTAGRAM.

While Thunder Perfect Mind is the band's first official full-length release, PALE DIVINE have been churning out their brand of heavy metal for quite a few years now, most notably with their crushing 1997 five track demo "Crimson Tears," a legitimate underground classic still being sought out by true Metalheads today. A second demo was recorded in '98, but was shelved after original bass player Jay Purnell parted with the band. But the desire to play out was simply too strong, so Jim Corl was brought into the fold.

Good things began to happen. New songs were being written, and shows were being offered and performed, including a slot at the infamous Stoner Hands of Doom II Festival. Unfortunately around this time Jim was forced to split from the band due to career concerns. However, Greg and Darin were determined to continue on and not miss out on the festival, so Larry Stout (ex-DOGMA HOLLOW) was brought on to fill in on bass. The shows with Larry were a success, and he seemed to be fitting in, but as luck would have it, the Bass Reaper reared his ugly head once more, leaving PALE DIVINE bass-less once again.

However, all was not lost. After some time off, Jim returned to the band, and work on the debut was once again underway. Somewhere amongst all these crazy goings-on, Conan and Col. Mike of the now legendary (in their own minds) GAME TWO RECORDS (both highly impressed by the "Crimson Tears" demo, as well as other unreleased gems that had been passed their way) started talking to the band about possibly releasing something in the future.

Plans were made to release a 7" featuring the bands cover of the PENTAGRAM classic "20 Buck Spin," but things happening the way they seem to happen, the idea of a 7" was parlayed into a full-length CD. The result... "Thunder Perfect Mind," a ten track amalgam of some of the most honest, balls-to-the-wall Metal this side of, well, just about anywhere!

Led by the masterfully volcanic riffing, aurally blistering lead work, and (Rod) Evans-come-(Rusty) Day vocals of guitarist/singer Greg Diener, accentuated by the low-end boom work of bassist Jim Corl and the always-in-the-pocket proficiency of drummer Darin McCloskey, PALE DIVINE roll through some of the best 70's Hard-Rock influenced, Psychedelic Doom-laden Metal imaginable.

Their appreciation of all things PENTAGRAM is displayed in both their cover of "20 Buck Spin" (with guest vocals by Bobby Liebling himself) and in the album's epic conclusion "Dark Knight," featuring lyrics penned and sung by Liebling. We don't want to imply that PALE DIVINE's originals aren't the highlight of the record though...

One listen to the overwhelming rhythms in the expanded version of "Amplified," the incredible breakdowns in "Judas Wheel," and their veritable lyrical ode to WITCHFINDER GERNERAL, "Devil's Mark" will set you straight. Add to the mix a positive, spiritual lyrical vibe and you get a complete package of a band that the GAME TWO/SLOW RIDE camp have been in love with for years.

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