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The man known as Necro is a hardcore hiphop artist with his finger on the pulse of extreme music. He is recognized worldwide for his work as an established recording artist, rap producer, film director and as the owner/CEO of Psycho+Logical-Records. Within the last five years, Necro has sold tens of thousands of CD's and vinyl , including his latest LP, "Gory Days". Last year's release of his debut LP, "I Need Drugs", set the stage for Necro's brand of irreverent and often humorous commentary on the dark side of reality. With "Gory Days", Necro brings his best work yet to a growing fanbase that increases with each new release.

Necro was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where he has lived his entire life. He has been writing and recording music since the late 80's, playing guitar in bands until 1990, where at the age of 13, he switched his interest toward hip hop. He began receiving recognition for his music as early as 1991, when he won a demo contest on the Stretch and Bobbito Radio Show in NYC. His appearances on this show and other radio shows over the next few years began to build Necro a fan base before even releasing his first record. Since 1996, Necro has released a series of top 5 college radio singles, including his newest 12" release, "Bury You With Satan" which has reached number 1 ranking in two of the top trades.

Necro's latest CD, "Gory Days", is his quickest selling release to date. The album contains fourteen tracks of Necro's extremely graphic rhymes over his own original brand of hip hop production. Psycho+Logical-Records has independently cemented itself within the minds of music fans worldwide and will continue to build upon this with each new release. Also, Necro recently produced 7 tracks for Non Phixion's debut album due out in April and has many more projects in the works.

Necro has been performing live since the age of 11. Some of the groups he has opened for include
RUN DMC, Beatnuts, Sepultura, Kool Keith, Napalm Death & Biohazard. He has headlined sold-out shows in all of NYC's mid-sized venues such as Brownie's, Wetlands, The Knitting Factory & SOB's. A Necro headlining performance draws an average of 300-500 people in cities such as NYC, London, Chicago, Toronto, Providence, etc. Across the U.S., Necro can pack in 100-500 people depending on the state and region. Necro's live appeal continues to grow especially in New York City, where his shows have grown more turbulent with the audience stage diving and starting mosh pits.

Online commerce is the future. Necro's fan base is worldwide and this is evident by the 100+ million hits he has received on his official website, . Every day the website receives 10,000 unique user sessions and the numbers grow every week. With an online merchant account, has received orders for Psycho+Logical-Records and Necro Films merchandise from places as diverse as Australia, South Africa, Germany, Japan, Iceland and the United Kingdom. Necro's film company has already released three direct-to-video features ("187 Reasonz Y", "The Devil Made Me Do It" and "The I Need Drugs music video"), all of which have sold over 5000 copies each and received acclaim in publications such as The Source and Vibe magazine.

It's all about the fans and Necro already has a small army of followers waiting for everything he has to offer, whether it be music, films or his growing collection of t-shirts and merchandise. Taking notice of the No Limit and Cash Money work ethic and independent success, Necro is prepared to do it his way, on his terms, by any means necessary.

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