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Falconer Bio

Band members
Kristoffer Göbel - Vocals Stefan Weinerhall - Guitar Anders Johansson - Guitar Peder Johnsson - Bass Karsten Larsson - Drums


As Mithotyn split up in 1999, Stefan Weinerhall (guitar) started to write music for what would later become FALCONER. In his songwriting he went from harsh vocals to clean. In early 2000 a demo was recorded with session vocalist Mathias Blad, a musicals singer. After having sent the demo around, Metal Blade finally offered Falconer a contract. Therefore, a drummer was needed, so Karsten Larsson (also from Mithotyn) joined. Mathias got the offer to join the band on a permanent basis and accepted.

In the autumn of 2000 there was enough material for a full-length album that was recorded in Los Angered studio. It was simply called "Falconer". The album received great response, while Stefan was already busy writing songs for the follow-up, which was recorded a year later, called "Chapters From A Vale Forlorn".

Just after the recording the band got two session musicians to play some live shows, something that had to be done after many requests. During the summer the band did some of the biggest festivals in Europe but slowly came to understand that Mathias' tight schedule made it difficult to plan gigs and tours for the future, something that the band now really wanted. In November Mathias and Falconer went with their own priorities, thus parting ways.

After a couple of months Kristoffer Göbel was found to fill the slot. He came into the band with fresh new ideas and an intact vocal range, something that acted as a new kick for the band. During all this Stefan kept on writing and in May 2003 the band was in the studio once again for their third album "The Sceptre Of Deception". During the summer the band played some more festivals and also had their US live debut with an amazing response.

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