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Band members
Rob Tweedie - Vocals Josh Goldenhersh - Guitar and Vocals Patrick Baum - Guitar and Vocals Matt Tuttle - Drums Jeff Meyer - Bass

alt metal
hard rock

"The name Adair did not rank among the roughly 6,000 names reported in the 1990 Census Data." Luckily, Rob Tweedie was not trying to name a baby when he found "Adair" in a book of baby names in 2001.He was naming a band-a band that would grow to be one of the most powerful forces in rock's underground music scene, and end up making a name for itself.

Born in St. Louis and made up of the members of several prominent local bands, Adair has been through more than most bands its age, since the members' first days together in 1993. Eleven years and a new band name later, Adair has forged its own passionate version of rock's harder edge and found the perfect line-up of musicians-featuring Rob Tweedie (Vocals), Josh Goldenhersh (Guitar/Vocals), Patrick Baum (Guitar/ Vocals), Matt Tuttle (Drums), and Jeff Meyer (Bass, formerly of Open Hand). With an incredible momentum of constant touring and recording pushing them into the New Year, this potent rock quintuplet has no plans of slowing down any time soon!

Upon its formal inception in 2001, Adair recorded a five-song EP entitled "The Permanent Bruise," and moved to California shortly thereafter. Since then, they have been touring, writing, recording and solidifying a national and international foundation of fans. Their unfaltering dedication has landed them on tours with Story of the Year, Hawthorne Heights, Letter Kills, My Chemical Romance, Glass Eater, Calico System, Evergreen Terrace, A Wilhelm Scream, Motion City Soundtrack and others. With no retail or online distribution, Adair had already sold over 7,000 copies of their EP when they were discovered and signed by WARCON Enterprises LLC.. WARCON is proud to be involved in the release of Adair's first full length, The Destruction of Everything is the Beginning of Something New. "I'm really proud of the EP, but I think our new stuff [on the full-length] is way better," says Tweedie.

The members of Adair agree that they're in this for the long haul, come rain or come shine. They have a vision and a goal; they are prepared to do what it takes to succeed. They have every intention of paving a new musical path-and by the time they're finished, the name "Adair" will never be the same.

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