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Zeromind Bio

Band members
Eric "Hendu" Henderson - vocals Chris "Grim" Petersen - vocals Shane Peterson - bass Dan Tambini - drum Mark Tambini - guitar Leo Larsen - guitar

nu metal
alt metal

In the late 90's and early 2000's, after years of being beaten down relentlessly by the grim specter known as "alternative", heavy music was poised for a comeback, as so-called "rap metal" acts such as Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Korn quickly rose to the forefront of the American mainstream. With hard rock and heavy metal once again in the public eye, one promising San Francisco band stands unafraid to meet the challenge offered by the new wave of American metal, taking an aggressive-yet-melodic approach to the genre. In a day and age where many bands would rather growl and scream than rap or sing, Zeromind proudly call the hip-hop influenced sounds of the 90's their home. Deriving inspiration from such bands as Pantera and Tool as well as the stomped-out rhythms of Korn and Mudvayne and the rapid-fire rhymes of Ice Cube, the South San Francisco six-piece has carved out a name for itself through tenacious self-promotion, an electrifying live act and the willingness to adapt to the continuously changing times. In 2003, their ingenuity and hard work earned them an opportunity to record a disc with producer Sylvia Massy, whose past credits have included such heavy hitters as Tool and System of a Down. In their hometown of San Francisco, Zeromind have become a force in the City by the Bay's local music scene, wowing audiences night after night with their energetic, mosh-inducing groove. Indeed, the "Zeromind family" as the band calls it includes rabid fans not only in the Bay Area but also in many pockets spread throughout America and other parts of the world. Now, as their fan bases grow steadily in the United States and Japan, a territory they penetrated despite no previous distribution or touring, Zeromind are ready to take the international hard rock scene to task with a full-length album in the works and upcoming tours of both Japan and U.S.

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