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Antimo Buonnano - Vocals And Guitars Oscar Garcia - Drums Eduardo Guevara - Guitars

death metal
black metal

The lines between death and black metal run thick yet thin. Really, what differentiates one from the other? Sound and ideology, mostly, but even then the division's rather negligible. Morbid Angel certainly didn't ponder that division when recording their landmark debut album, Altars of Madness. Neither did Mexican cult HACAVITZ when recording their landmark debut album, Venganza.

Incredibly shape-shifting and serpentine song-construction, eerily evocative leads long missing from metal in general, technical chops rivaled by none, and an unremitting intensity whilst remaining imminently memorable: All this, and more, is in full force on Venganza. The sepulchral evil of the most classic death metal. The haunting atmospheres of the blackest metal. Even the dusty catacombs of the most archaic doom metal. These are all in full force, too. Did HACAVITZ once stop to delineate any one element? Hell no. A new highwater mark for extreme metal? Hell yes.

This hell, though, stretches back many years. Originally monikered Domain, who recorded an album and split EP in the late 1990s, another moniker-change came around the year 2000 in the form of Ravager. Under that banner, the band recorded two acclaimed, cult albums of ominous death metal for legendary label Osmose Productions. By the release of their second album, Ravager had already disbanded, with plans to erect an entity far more ominous, far more threatening, and most definitely unique: HACAVITZ.

Helmed by Domain/Ravager founders vocalist/guitarist Antimo Buonnano (Demonized, Bloodreaping, ex-Disgorge) and drummer Oscar Garcia (Demonized), HACAVITZ soon found its missing link in fellow Bloodreaping guitarist Eduardo Guevara (ex-Cenotaph). Together, the trio recorded a self-titled 7" in 2004 while still under contract to Osmose. Along the way, this trio helped Shyaithan resurrect the legendary Singaporean cult IMPIETY, the three-fourths Mexican lineup recording last year's acclaimed Paramount Evil.

A search for a suitable bassist continued and eventually came to Antonio Nolasco, guitarist for The Pit and noted underground artist. The army of HACAVITZ was thus complete, and the band signed with THE MORIBUND CULT during the summer of 2005. Recordings for Venganza began in earnest at Inzonik Studios, with producer Carlos Padilla lending both clarity and crush to the quartet's unmistakable whirlwind holocaust.

And that whirlwind holocaust is here. In full force. No genres, just extremity. Simply,Venganza.

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