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Sabinas Rex
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Edwin Vlado Jana

symphonic metal
power metal

It all started about ten years ago, when music connoisseur-Vlado Kormos discovered the penetrating, gothic-witch vocals of a start-up singer Jana Steiger. Since, they have conjointly recorded a myriad of songs, all materitalized in a home studio.

Further down the line, Edwin Shirey joined the group, adding a whole new layer of sonance with his contemporary guitar tunes.

"Hands of Rage". During the recording of the second demo CD, Vlado's old friend Teodor Lvovsky, an experienced drummer coming from the world's rock arenas participated in this very project, becoming its steady part in the process.

Lastly, during a recent music jam session, the enigmatic baritone of Baron Misuraca was immediately recognized by Vlado Kormos for his grandiose modulation and accord. The band leader wasted little time in recruiting this most recent addition to the Sabinas Rex as a special guest, thus filling that missing link which now helps complete the image, the sound, the exclusivity of the Sabinas Rex.

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