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I Got Shot In The Face Bio

I Got Shot In The Face
Band members
Dewey - Bass Ryan - Guitar Apie - Drums Nick - Guitar Bryan - Vocals Jeff - Vocals

death metal

I GOT SHOT IN THE FACE - Cause people take this stuff (hardcore music) wayyyy too seriously, and we think we'd all benefit from just saying "fuck our preconceptions, and enjoy bullshit", cause we're all going to fucking die someday, ha, and we spend too much time on bullshit like debating if its better to be musically inclined and hate on everything, or ignorant and just enjoy stuff...we say embrace ignorance, cause in the end it doesnt fucking matter...well as far as breakdown bands go and whatnot, im not some shitty hippie dude who just "lives man", naw mean?

IGSITF's main purpose as a band is to just be as heavy and fun as possible, pushing every barrier that makes the hardcore scene what it has become.

I GOT SHOT IN THE FACE is currently getting ready to release their debut full length album on Count It Records titled "How am I not myself" and playing around the Los Angeles area. IGSITF started as a side project of sorts as every member of the band is in other bands in the LA Area (The Faceless, Tiptoe Charlies, Stricken, LowerIt) but quickly became the favorite's in the area playing a slew of shows at the Whiskey, and other spots across the Conejo and Santa Clarita Valley.

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