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Pagan's Mind
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Ronny Nils Steinar Stian Jorn

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Pagan's Mind, a Norwegian Progressive Metal band, formed in 2000 with Nils K. Rue on vocals, Stian Kristoffersen on drums, and Thorstein Aaby on guitar, They all played together in a 80s metal inspirated band but wanted to aim higher and quickly replaced the old bass player with Steinar Krokmo. Guitar virtuoso Jorn Viggo Lofstad joined with Steinar and brought a change to this new band. Jorn and Steinar added with them the Progressive edge that the band would have in the coming years. Their debut album was recorded just one month after Steinar and Jorn joined the band and they were all pleased with the finishing result which was called Infinity Divine Keyboardist Ronny Tegner, who recorded keyboards with them, saw a great potential in Pagan's Mind and joined the band. Since the formation and after two albums, co-founder and guitarist Thorstein Aaby left the band in 2003 and Pagan's Mind's guitar duties solely rested on Jorn Viggo Lofstad's shoulders. Pagan's Mind is what would remind you of a traditional PROG POWER band with influences of CONCEPTION, DREAM THEATER, QUEENSRYCHE, contemporary jazz, neoclassical elements and also some influences by Norwegian Black metal bands. When you put it together, it becomes the insane formula that is Pagan's Mind.

The first album brought the sounds of an old Norwegian giant, CONCEPTION, DREAM THEATER, QUEENSRYCHE and the sounds of 80's Metal all mixed together into an amazing dark, Progressive Power Metal assault that is somewhat like EVERGREY with a strange twist. The second album is the most complete, bringing classical, neo-classical, jazz and Black Metal influences forth and with amazing lyrics that can impress even the best of lyricists. Pagan's Mind's Celestial Entrance is excellent and fans of Progressive Metal should have a listen of it.

Pagan's Mind is one of these new-era Progressive Power metal bands that are very good. Sure they might take a lot from DREAM THEATER as an influence, but this is one of the more impressive Images and Words influenced bands out there. Highly recommended for Progressive Metal lovers.

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