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Backyard Babies
Band members
Nicke Borg - lead vocals / guitar Dregen - lead guitar / vocals Johan Blomquist - bass Peder Carlsson - drums

hard rock
pop metal

Remember the first time you heard a rock band that was so exciting, you just had to share their music with everyone you knew? Whether it was The Ramones or AC/DC or Guns n' Roses makes no difference, it became your mission to blast those righteous sounds upon unsuspecting ears. Prepare to relive that experience with the BACKYARD BABIES -a raw tattoo that rocks sonically with brazen heart and voluminous punch. The BACKYARD BABIES have been formed in Nassjö 1989 as the current Swedish Invasion (e.g. The Hives, The Hellacopters, Sondtrack Of Our Lives) was starting to blossom. After their 1991 debut EP, "Something to Swallow" and a 1994 full-length called "Diesel and Power", guitarist Dregen put the Babies on hiatus to work with his other band, The Hellacopters.

Upon recommencing in 1998, the BACKYARD BABIES released "Total 13", 2001's "Making Enemies is Good" and 2003's "Stockholm Syndrome" that epitomized what rock is all about: decadently delicious songs and the cockiest of attitudes. They copped the punk/glam aesthetic of the New York Dolls and paired it with the power of Guns N' Roses, then embraced the rock anthem as defined by The Sex Pistols and redefined it in turn. Last year's "Stockholm Syndrome" earned BACKYARD BABIES a Swedish Grammy and a personal nod from Velvet Revolver to open their European tour, thus cementing the band's reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

We submit for your approval the double CD set "Tinnitus + Live Live in Paris", an ear ringing, mirrored shades and mascara rock riot. A compilation of tracks from each BYB album to date and a tremendous live gig, recorded May 2004 in Paris. "Tinnitus + Live Live in Paris" is an overdue introduction to one of rock's unsung diamonds, it combines experiences of the BACKYARD BABIES' teenage years listening to The Clash, Kiss, Dead Boys, Mötley Crüe, The Stooges, Hanoi Rocks and the Rolling Stones with the rock n' roll circus experiences gained as a touring band. More importantly, the unrelenting rock n' roll provides a glimpse into both the past and the future of over-the-top, trashy, punk rawk & roll. Every now and then a booze-fuelled explosion becomes a brilliant realignment of the stars. Cast as the perpetual underdog, the BACKYARD BABIES have broken thousands of guitar strings, travelled the world while doing their best to not get arrested, and won over cheering audiences too many times to recall.

Now the BACKYARD BABIES are set to make good on their promise to dominate the world rock scene by giving fists full of pure Rock to crowds opening for Social Distortion on Social D's 2005 European and US tour!

Welcome to Rock 'n' Roll according to BACKYARD BABIES. Everybody ready?

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