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LITA FORD is a babe. Always was, always will be. But this knock-'em-dead blonde rocker who received a 1993 Grammy award nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Female for the single, "Shot Of Poison" on her "Dangerous Curves" album is proving to be much more. While Ford is known for her heavy metal style and acknowledged as the best female guitarist around, her popularity is not limited to playing guitar. She's branching out to add her special brand of sex appeal to a number of projects, from acting to comics to a new line of guitars that will bear her name.

First, Ford made her acting debut as a guest star on an episode of the irreverent FOX television hit "Herman's Head". On the show, she plays the character she was born to play: herself. The plot allows her to play her wild 'rock goddess' persona to the max in creating the ultimate fantasy conflict for the enamored Herman.

Lita is also featured as a not-too-larger-than-life heroine in a new line of heavy metal comic book, distributed at the beginning of 1994.

In recognition of her talent as an instrumentalist, Alvarez Guitars has released an exclusive new line of guitars that will bear Ford's name. Her talents have earned her a number of endorsements from leading manufactures, including Crate amps.

Lita has been able to survive a 19-year career in rock'n roll, which is amazing enough. But, the fact that she succeeded in carving out a solid niche in the male dominated music business is no less than astounding. She grew up in a rock'n roll environment, but it was her talent, drive and perseverance that has kept her on top. When she was 15, Lita teamed up with JOAN JETT and became the lead guitarist in the very first all girl hard rock group THE RUNAWAYS. When that band broke up, she pursued a solo career. Her album "Lita" became her biggest success until now. Two songs contributed to this: the power ballad "Kiss me Deadly" and "Close MY Eyes Forever", a horror-movie duet with OZZY OSBOURNE.

Today, Ford is the acclaimed leading lady of rock'n roll. She has been a consistent winner of all kind of awards for her talents as a singer and guitarist. She was named by Metal Edge magazine as the #1 Most Bodacious Babe. Circus Magazine recently named her the #1 Female Rock Artist of the Year for 1992 and she is the only female ever to win the Circus Magazine Hall of Fame Award (in 1990), started in 1967, when the first award went to JIMI HENDRIX. Other recent winners include BON JOVI and ALICE COOPER.

Her new album "Black" produced by the Robb Brothers (LEMONHEADS, CARNIVAL STRIPPER, BUFFALO TOM, etc.etc.) proves again that she is simply the best: "The Queen of Heavy Metal". "Black" showcases Lita's wide style range over her career from ballads as "War Of The Angels" and "Killing Kind" to full-force trash ("Boiling Point").

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