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...and Oceans
Band members
Kenny - Vocals T - Guitars Petri Siekkula - Guitars Mika Aalto - Bass Anti - Keyboards Sami - Drums

black metal

Weird artwork. More than weird lyrics ("I wish I was pregnant") & concepts. A singer whose stage show is based on gay provocation (playing in white skirt, and his face and bald head painted in blue!!!).

...and Oceans are one of a kind. And that's what makes them worth it, and that's what makes us love them. Together with their Melodic Black Metal of course! Their work and appearance make them one of the most gossiped Black Metal bands, which have been their goal all along.

Hate or worship them, ...and Oceans will continue to shock you ! You can't know what to expect next from them next, but you can be sure as hell that it will be good music.

Future plans : A Double Gatefold LP containing their two 1st albums to be released during summer 2000. Now signed to Century Media.

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