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Band members
Udo Dirkschneider - Vocals Igor Gianola - Guitars Stefan Kaufmann - Guitars Fitty Wienhold - Bass Francesco Jovino - Drums

british metal
hard rock

Ever since the world can remember, there has been this Metal heart pounding in Udo's breast. And if he wasn't born - impossible to imagine where German Heavy Metal would have been without him!
Udo Dirkschneider somehow has always been on a mission: on mission Metal. Deep down in the 80ies and with undying hymns such as "Metal Heart", "Balls To The Wall" or "Princess Of The Dawn" the blond man with the amazing voice and the band named Accept wrote Metal history. Accept soon became one of the most influencing German bands ever, as well as a leading role in the Metal nation Germany.

"Made in Germany" in those times was everything when it came to Heavy Metal. And Accept were one of the reasons for that. Still there are only very few voices that represent this powerful kind of music in such a typical and highly charismatic way that this man from Solingen does. And still his voice is shouting out to the world. Since 1996 Accept have been history. Life has, as it always does, created a lot of changes - within the band, within the Metal world and within the whole music industry. But it could never change this man with his well-known voice. Udo Dirkschneider, over more than 25 years - a quarter century! - has stayed the same - like a solid rock: a Metal heart that has never stopped pounding; a leading character, a symbol for Heavy Metal. And a music-legend that couldn't be stopped by the final end of Accept. The man from Solingen has continued with what first started as a solo-project and, in the meantime, ended up as a real band: U.D.O.

On top of that, though Udo has always stayed true to himself, borders have never meant anything to him. As one of the first "western" artists ever he has dared touring in Russia, not being afraid of any difficulties that might have occurred behind the - at that time still existing - Iron Curtain. With that pioneer spirit he has stated an example. The man who has defined the territory of Heavy Metal so much, has broken the borders into a completely different world. The Russians - no wonder - won't forget about that. The huge country between Europe and South East Asia is still going crazy for Udo. And for U.D.O.

It's 2005 in the meanwhile and Udo is presenting us the newest chapter of his Metal mission: "Mission No. X". Again the album has everything we can expect from U.D.O. - and from Heavy Metal in general. It is fresh, exciting, powerful and solid rocking. It is the latest release in a long row of U.D.O.-releases, but though it sounds as new and enthusiastic like the first one.

"24/7" is the name of the first single - and it is the message of the latest hymn to Metal. Next to it and to a bunch of other hymnic headbangers such as the title track "Mission No. X" there will be the more unusual but striking groover "Mean Streets", and the melancholic ballad "Eye Of The Eagle". The record has been produced and mixed again by Stefan Kaufmann.

So to summarize the whole thing: Udo still is Udo. Many years on the road couldn't neither exhaust nor change him. The Metal heart is still pounding and pumping blood into the Metal scene. Blood that this scene needs to survive!

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