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Destructhor - Guitars Secthdamon - Drums Demariel - Bassist

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There is no denying that the new album from Norway's Myrkskog is a highly anticipated recording. After a wait of nearly three years, the eight selections that comprise the trio's sophomore outing righteously eliminate the once growing notion that European death metal had long been tapped.
The sonically crushing Superior Massacre finds Myrkskog at its metallic best. Bandleader Destructhor (also of Zyklon fame) is a guitar god in waiting as he feverously delivers riff after blazing riff, shredding his previous work with impeccable dexterity. This done in tandem with vocals, most recently added to his roster of musical duties. Drummer Secthdamon (Odin/Zyklon) is the master of skins, hammering rack and toms like few others. Bassist Demariel makes his debut on Superior Massacre, providing the backbone to the album's stand out tracks "Trapped in Torment," "Blood Ejaculation," and "Utter Human Murder."

Formed in 1993, Myrkskog have survived their share of setbacks and obstacles. After a band split in 1994, returning members recorded the initial piece of their musical legacy. While only a 4-track recording, it laid the audio groundwork for what would come. Surviving another period of inactivity, the band completed, "Apocalyptic Psychotica-The Murder Tape," their first proper demo in 1998. It would 1999 that Europeans would get their first introduction to Myrkskog by way of their debut. The blistering Death Machine invaded Europe; quickly finding a curious audience left astounded by the band's incredulous speed and power. Americans would sadly wait until 2001 for their taste of the band's molten masterpiece. Emperor's Samoth simply touted, "Death Machine kicks ass."

Already confirmed to tour Europe with Nile and a UK tour to follow shortly thereafter, Myrkskog are no doubt vying to visit American shores in early 2003. "We are really looking forward to touring the US," says Destructhor. "Let the Superior Massacre begin."

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