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Band members
Rayner Coss - Oratory / Bass Leon Macey - Lead Guitars / Drums and Percussion Lee du-Caine - Live Lead and Rhythm Guitars

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The UK four-piece Mithras have been making waves internationally since their formation in 1998. Working cooperatively with UK-based Golden Lake Productions, the band have released numerous recordings that have all received high accollades on their initial European release. Now signed to Candlelight, the band look to expand their profile worldwide - bringing their extreme offerings to fans around the globe.
For first time US audiences, Mithras blend the best elements from favorites Nile, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and add their own progressive embellishments that make for a unique listening experience. They have been called "UK's most promising death metal band" - something Forever Advancing... Legions surely outlines. Digital Metal called the album, "a mass of twisted riffs blasting and lurching rhythms," while calling guitarist wunderkind Leon Macy (impeccably handling drums for this recording) "a monster behind the kit."

Hellride Music says, "The Mighty Nimbus sends shivers down my spine and commands respect." No doubt appealing to fans of Black Label Society, Down, Black Sabbath and High On Fire, this downtuned offering also offers highly memorable melody, delicately layered guitar harmonies and blues based riffs that showcase not only the band's depth but highly credible musicianship.

Mithras (an ancient and celebrated Persian God) features vocalist/bassist Rayner Coss, guitarist Lee du-Caine, drummer Ben White with Macy - surely the UK's version of Eric Rutan, being a dexterous master of trades. Candlelight plans to follow up the US release of Forever Advancing... Legions with the previously unavailable Worlds Beyond the Veil. The band are looking to tour Europe this summer before starting work on new material expected for 2005.

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