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Based out of the southernmost area of the mainland United States (Miami), Endo have taken the underground Florida heavy music scene by storm. Playing massive amounts of shows and bringing their hard rocking crowd right to the edge of destruction with their latest release "EVOLVE".

Each member of this explosive four piece add a dynamic range of, hardcore breakdowns, harmony, groove, and emotionally charged energy that gives Endo a unique and new sonic level of ferocity. Gil, Zelick, Eli, and Joel, are more than just a band, they put a piece of themselves into every note of their music. They bleed they breath and they live to get out and explode on stage. Performing in front of 5,000 people or 500, they level their crowds and leave audiences with their mouths wide open.

With frontman Gil Bitton behind the microphone belting out every breath of himself in each word, turning from a normal calm easy going person off stage, into a steamroller of energy and non stop emotional intensity. Gil's stage presence is nothing short of volatile giving audience members a solid visual fixation like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck. As Gil Brings the crowd along every word, a solid hard-hitting orchestra of sound surrounds him. Zelick's unique bass style filled with intense groove and pounding distortion produce an incredible array of sound. From bass harmonics to hand breaking stops Zelick's bass is an extension of himself, another limb, another piece of this unique individual who on first look is unmistakably different and intensely creative. As Zelick dives into the crowd, Joel begins his onslaught of percussion, slamming on his drums so viciously he tears through dozens of drumsticks by the end of every set. From his appearance you would look at Joel's fully sleeved tattooed arms and ink that covers most of his body and you might understand how he is able to unleash such hostility and aggression beat after beat. With the crack of his snare to the blast of his bass pedal, Joel leaves an incredible array of unique beats with a pile of sawdust underneath his set. While Joel pounds away, Eli's guitar is blazing at full volume. As the most recent addition to Endo, Eli has given the missing piece to this already incredible group. With incredible breakdowns, and awesome hip-hop driven groove, Eli's heavy melodic style adds the finishing touches.

Endo's message as a band is one of enlightenment and self-exploration, as unique individuals outside the band they come together through their music. Gils' lyrical content is directed at his inner self, and emotional feeling. Every note reflects those views and is shared by each member of Endo. From Penicillin to Suffer, upon reading the verses you come to understand the bands emotional makeup and feeling. As Gil explains it, he writes from the heart and the music reflects those feelings no matter what emotion surfaces, Fear, anger, confusion, love, and hate. Leaving no personal feeling unturned, Gil opens himself up to his audience through his lyrics. Evolve is more than just the title of the Endo's album, it's a general outlook of mentality towards all things that is shared by the members of the band. An evolution of the minds thought process.

Endo are managed by Kimberly Zide of Concrete Management, who are the driving force behind other hard rocking icons like Pantera and Ministry. With MTV, Billboard, CMJ, HITS, and Music Directors of radio stations taking notice of Endo around the country you will definitely be hearing a lot more about this band in the future. "Evolve" is just the first step for Endo

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